Sunday, March 20, 2011

New classes coming soon !

New classes coming soon !
Cargado originalmente por Adriana Almanza.

En mayo comenzaremos las nuevas clases: todo sobre sirenas! pintaremos con rotuladores copic,acrilicos,prismacolors, etc, dando vida a hermosas sirenas,fántasticos seres marinos y mucho mas !

We will start with these new classes on may, all about mermies ! we will work with copic markers, acrylics, prismacolors, painting beautiful sea animals, bubbles, mermies and much more, come an d join us !


pinkglitterfae said...

I'm excited! I love mermies :-)

janet said...

i simply love ur art!!! eres genial estoy enamorada de lo que haces a mi m eencanta pintar pero esto es simplemente demasiado!!!

Leila West said...

I downloaded the .pdf, is it true the videos will be downloadable for this class? Do we purchase the class over at your ning site or off Etsy?