Saturday, August 20, 2011

"Heart of gold" i´ve made this dollie with watercolor crayons and acrylics.."Heart of gold" is one of my fave songs from Neil young.


Anna Fearer said...

OMG!! I just fell in love when I ran across your blog! Your work is amazing :)

Anonymous said...


This is delightful
Love the colours of her skin, the owl is just too cute for words.
A truly beautiful piece.

Huggies Angel

Grace said...

I started following you a few weeks agos and love all your doll art. This one is awesome and I love the color combo.

Kristin said...

i love this so much! and the owl! I think this is currently my new favorite :-D

Anonymous said...

Hi Ady! I already commented on this piece and it's oh so charming. The owl makes me smile because of the way he's (she's???) looking at the girl. TOO cute. Love the purple hue on the girl, very interesting.

Big Hugs,

Doll dreams by Ady Almanza said...

Wow! i am so happy about all the nice comments! thank you ladies, i don´t know why but the last days i like to paint owls :)
Hugs! Ady