Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hello doll-dreamers!
It is time to start talking about our next workshop for this spring-summer 2012 ^^...
I want to thank you first for the great feed back! helping me to find what you are interesting on makes it easier for me to find new fun techniques and topics to share with you! thank you dolls!, so in our next workshop i will teach you how to paint/draw this kind of whimsical characters with TOMBOW markers! You will get 5 video-tutorial, 5 beautiful PDF , i will show you how to draw and paint this kind of doll, fairies, doodles and easy to do lettering (like the one done on this dollie´s hair and more) .
Of course all this downloadable and for you to keep!
The best way to start this spring and keep on learning through the summer! the Tombows are very handy so you can take them with you everywhere, all you need is your watercolor moleskine or paper, a water brush, and some waterproof markers, and nothing can´t stop you from create some nice pages while watching your kids playing in the pool :) i do this every summer, and i am very happy about this! :)...
This great workshop will start on may ,i will open the class with a detailed art supplies list and some info videos and info -doodles PDFs on APRIL and the registration opens on APRIL too .
Hope you can join us in this fantastic art course!! ..See you there! ADY

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