Thursday, October 25, 2012

Gustav Klimt´s artwork is amazing, i love the way his artwork shows  feelings , and all those ornaments and gold on his artwork is just a dream  :).
Shortly , i have got this commission :  a replica of Klimt´s  most beatiful painting :  Der Kuss , "The kiss" .... i can not tell you how happy i was  to paint this beautiful piece again  (some years ago i painted the same piece for a  friend, it was 1mx79cm on canvas)  because i love it so much, but then i was a little bit scare as i heard the size it should have :  2m x 170cm  !!!!  WOW!   the original is 180cmx180cm !!  i was intimidated by the size, but then i though this will be a great experience ,a big challenge, and  a honor for me to paint this big KLIMT replica as good as i can  ! you know?  Klimt was 45 years old as he painted this work, i will be on november  45 years old too !  what a coincidence !  so i accepted the challenge and i want to share with you this beautiful art journey into the " golden period" of Klimt´s artwork, you can read and see how i work on this painting everyday here in my blog, i know this has nothing to do with my own style from "doll dreams"  but i think this may be interesting for some of you, so  meet me here  to see how i create my own "KISS"  painting :) , with all my respect and admiration for KLIMT´s artwork... here we go!!

This piece will be made on wood, so first of all i have added 2 coats of white gesso,allowing to dry for 2 days, then i have transfer the  drawing on it with  a green watercolor pencil...
I also started to paint the background with dark brown acrylic,, oh yes! this painting will be done only with acrylics, matt acrylics.
I will be posting everyday photos of the process and will be writting in my bad english my experience with this BIG  challenge :)  maybe you  can  join me and paint this for you too??  :)
See you!!


Prudence Puddleduck said...

You make me fearful..lololo my look back on those days and YOU smile...gorgeous composition and the materials are beyond amazing ♥Debi

Doll dreams by Ady Almanza said...

Thank you dear Debi! you are a sweetheart!

Netty said...

wow Ady thats a huge painting and its looking wonderful and am sure when complete its going to be truly fantastic. Annette x

Doll dreams by Ady Almanza said...

Thank you dear Netty! have a nice weekend!