Friday, May 24, 2013

"Thinking of you"

Hello dolls! isn´t it amazing how cool it is to work with pastel pencils?  if you really would love to learn this technique then i recommend you to join my next workshop "Dreamy faces 1 "  i am sure you will  be amazed of  what you will  be able to paint after learning some tricks and hints about pastels ;)
I am giving away a free spot  for this workshop, if you want to participate please visit my Facebook site a  read more about it !
Please click here to see my FB page

Have a nice weekend!!


Melanie said...

This looks like so much fun. I would love to win the free space in the class, but I don't have a FB account.
Have a nice weekend.Liefs, Melanie

Debbie said...

Oh AWESOME!! What a wonderful opportunity to win a spot in your class!! :) I will ck out your FB

Doll dreams by Ady Almanza said...

Melanie: dear you can aprticipate if you share it in your blog, you will find the info about this class here on this blog, just copy and share iton your blog, and let me know about it so i can add your name to the list please ;) cheers!

Doll dreams by Ady Almanza said...

Debbie: thank you!!

Evethmoon Crafty Creations said...

Your pastel workshop looks great! Thanks for the opportunity and good luck everyone.

StampinThursdays said...

I love your dolls and would love to be able to take your classes...hopefully someday :)