Saturday, October 19, 2013

DOD lady : I´m in the halloween mood ;)


Helene Kwong said...

Hi Adriana!

I was on your NING site before; did not know what had happened to your site so I was sad! Happy to see you are still around though; love your workshops.

Question: Can I have access to Doll Dreams Basic, Siren Dreams, and Dia de los Muertos on your new site? I paid for these three workshops in the past. Let me know!

Doll dreams by Ady Almanza said...

Hi Helene !
Can you please send me a PM to my email?
As i closed the site i wrote 6 months before about this issue to all members of DD telling about this and asking you all to download the videos, the ning site is closed since more than one year.... i was not able to keep the site because of the high Ning costs. I am not a "big" seller .