Thursday, April 3, 2014

AMERICAN GIRL coloring with Sharpies.

Oh i have to tell you i am so excited about our NEW workshop! we will draw and color together 2 beautiful full body dolls !... this time we will travel to the great USA and color a cute pin up doll, a bonus will be the sweet colibri (Hummingbird ) fairy! + A FREE MINI COLORING BOOK with 7 full body dollies for you to download and practice, instructions pdf´s (how to draw and color full body dolls, how to draw a doll dreams face, how to draw a humming bird) TEMPLATES and as always downloadable step by step videos ! YAY! I love AMERICA!
ART SUPPLIES : SHARPIE MARKERS dark blue,light blue, red, black white gel marker from Sakura or acrylic white marker any brand. Marker paper.
THIS CLASS IS OPEN NOW !!  You can win a free spot!! take a look at  the info in y FB group: 

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