Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Sorry i have to come up with this , but one of my students who lives in Venezuela just let me know this woman keeps on selling her copy-bags online and in her business store! i have to keep on fighting against this, please copy and share the photo if you want to help, i know she has changed to private most of her accounts but i still believe we can stop her from copying other artists if we shout her out, remember this can happens to anybody ! thank you for your support !

These are  another BAD COPIES of my designs!!  without my permission !!!

She has been making money out of my designs for YEARS!
SHAME ON YOU Olivia Bircher from Anttares !!

You can let her know what we think about copycats here:
ANTTARES:Isla de Margarita-Venezuela (58) 295-6116452 
(416) 6560654


TriLov said...

Keep it up Ady! When I search for her, she doesn't come up as much anymore online. Many of her "shops" are closed. I'm sure her physical address will remain but let's stay vigilant! Keep exposing her!

Doll dreams by Ady Almanza said...

Thank you for your big support dear! you are awesome!! ^^

Tanya McAlexander said...

This really angers me. She has no morals. I hpe you keep it up. Lets expose this monster for what she is...Hugs We <3 you Ady and are behind you 100%

Sonya Batten said...

I've just caught up with you Ady after just looking through my doll dreams round robin journal from 2012. Oh what good memories...
I was so sorry to hear and see what this woman is doing to you it's disgraceful!
Obviously she has no imagination at all as well as no scruples.....
I hope she doesn't make a penny more!