Thursday, September 24, 2015

Let´s face it 2016

Great good news!! I will be a part of this amazing course !!! more information and links in the next couple of weeks !! i will show you how to draw and paint a profile "Flower goddess" using my newest techniques, yay!! so excited to be in this team, awesome artwork awesome teachers ,all of them!

OMG!!!!!!! This is happening in January 2016!!! A new course for all of you that want to refine your skills on faces/portraits, or for those of you new to faces/portraits, this is the course for you! I will have more information and links for you hopefully by next week! For now, enjoy the teacher line up for this brand new course, Let's Face It, hosted by yours truly!!! Ady AlmanzaToni BurtBrandi DaytonAngela KennedyIris Fritschi-CussensIvette NewportJuna BiagioniDeanna StrachanKarine BosseKylie FowlerLucy BrydonPetra SteinRegina LordMuriel Stegers and Robin Laws Whoot!!! 


Ayala Art said...

♥ Sounds fantastic!

TriLov said...

Congrats, Ady! Glad to see you teaching again!

Sereniticat said...

Hi,this is very exciting! Thank you for the chance to win a spot in Face to Face.