Saturday, February 10, 2018

Dark is beautiful painting workshop.

Hello dolls!
If you struggle with painting dark skin this is the right workshop for you!
In this workshop i am going to show you my technique to paint beautiful dark skinned goddesses all step by step in a very easy way to understand videos, so you can work at your own pace, you will get 6 Lessons (info bellow)  and many extras such a free digi coloring book, drawing videos, painting videos,templates,hints and tricks, a special video where i show you my art studio and my art supplies as well as all art supplies to be used in this workshop.
You will need a Facebook account in order to take this workshop.The Lessons are hold in a secret FB group. I will add you to the group after getting your payment,so please let me know if you have another FB name as the one in your paypal payment.
I live in GERMANY ,about 8 hours ahead from you (If you live in the USA) so please bear with me till i add you to the group, i will do this as soon as human possible.
I know this workshop is very unique !  let´s celebrate the beauty of dark skin! join us anytime!
Thank you for your support !


trojan said...

Hi Ady, I admired your work for a long time and I especially loved that you were so gracious with all your free lessons. I was blown away by this workshop, such an easy going style that produces such results. The workshop was crammed full of goodness that just went on and on , all for a $20. I actually spoke to a friend and said that your crazy because you won't stop sharing ! Her reply ,"She must love what she does".😀 Thank you!!! now to get my hands on some of this pastels.

Ady Almanza said...

Thank you so much for your nice comment! you got the "early bird" offer,so lucky, the workshop´s price is now 30USD, still a bargain isn´t it?? and i will be sharing more videos in our group, yes i do love what i do <3 thanks!!

Cropmate50 said...

I really enjoyed this workshop and Ady is so friendly, helpful and available to answer any questions. She also encourages you to share your work to the post or privately to her so she can offer additional tips, , and encouragement.

I entered the workshop near the end and it was easy to go back to review the lessons and work at your pace. The encouragement by Ady to create and allow yourself to put your personal touch to your dolls was just the push I needed to gain additional confidence.

One of the biggest draws for me to the workshop was seeing the dark-skinned women. Ady explained the process clearly and I love being able to learn to color and highlight dark skin.

I would recommend this workshop and plan on taking others in the future. I also enjoyed and appreciated the number of videos she offers on YouTube as inspiration to create other things using what you learned.