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Hi doll! these are the online workshops i have running at the time (more to come!) , they are all running and waiting for you to join us anytime and work at your own pace, they are both held in a private facebook group,you will find there all you need to get started, PDFs , templates, and a lot of extra goodies for you such as  some of my fave doll  coloring books ! what a treat!.
Any question? please let me know!
Ady xoxo

The fun continues! 

This workshop is held on a private secret Facebook group , in order to add you to the group I will need your FB name/link specially if you are using another Name to make your payment. 

Yay!! the second part of "Abstract Dreams"  is running NOW!
If you have taken my first Abstract workshop  you will absolutely LOVE the second part!! we will play with colors ,forms, marks, learn new techniques and so much more! This workshop is again very affordable (only 35USD) and is held on a FB secret group and this is what you will get if you join us:

Lesson 1: Abstract Blooms
Lesson 2: Life is Magic
Lesson 3: If you want to fly
Lesson 4: When the lights go down
EXTRA Lessons: My Home, Collage meets Acrylic
INSTRUCTIONS videos: Welcome!, talking about Art Supplies, how to use the spreader, how to navigate in this workshop. 

We will learn together and step by step how to make unique abstract artwork using acrylics and Stabilo Woody color pencils.
See you there!
ADY xoxo


This workshop is held on a private secret Facebook group so in order to add you to the group I will need your FB name/link specially if you are using another Name to make your payment. 

Lesson one: Home is... 
Lesson two: Serenity.
 Lesson three: When it snows.
Extra videos:
How to navigate in this workshop

Talking about art supplies.
How to use the spreader. 
Bonus Lesson.
PDFs with a lot of hints and tricks.

Art supplies used (All optional,use your own fave brands) : 
Assorted acrylics, color pencils such as Stabilo Woodies and Supracolor 2, acrylic markers, spreader.Paint on your art journal or any other background of your choice.

Join any time!

"Flower goddesses" 
You will fall in love with these unique workshop! i will teach you my special technique to create these goddesses using watercolors and acrylics.Join anytime and work at your won pace.Price 30usd.Paypal button here on my blog main page.

"Dark is beautiful"
I am sure you will not find such a unique workshop as this one! so don´t miss it! Join us any time.Paypal button on the main site of this blog, price 30usd.


elenisartstuff said...

Love your Gorgeous Dolls and Goddesses, Ady! You are an awesome and generous artist and your art is truly inspiring. Thank you for sharing your talents with us and for this awesome giveaway! Love & kisses! 💕💕💕

Gabriele said...

Ich würde gerne gewinnen, weil ich deine Kunst bewundere und deine dolls liebe. Außerdem wäre es das allerschönste Geburtstagsgeschenk das ich mir vorstellen könnte.
Sehr gerne würde ich von dir lernen. Es wäre mir eine große Ehre.��������‍⚕️��‍����‍����‍����‍����‍������‍♀️������‍♂️��‍♀️��‍♀️��‍♀️

Gabriele said...

Leider werden meine vielen verschiedenen Smiley girls nicht angezeigt sondern lauter Fragezeichen.

Carol Thunderdance said...

You were my first online art teacher!!!! I love your work, your dolls are beautiful and unfortunately I lost my class from you that I downloaded onto my daughter's laptop. It would be great to take another of your classes. Thanks for the opportunity to win one! 😍😊💜

Claire said...

I'm new to your artwork Ady but loved your Ever After lesson so a big thank you for the chance to win a place. You're such a lovely talented lady xx

Debbie Luscombe said...

I would love to take part in one of your classes. This is the perfect opportunity to do so. Thank you.

Sonya Badgley said...

I have found you through the Ever After class and I fell in love with you style and your sweet personality! Thank you for the chance to win a spot in one of your online classes. Blessings to you.

Angela Maria Alvarez said...

Hola Ady,, te conocí a través de Pocahontas y me encanto todo lo que haces, tus muñecas son hermosas, la pasión con que dictas una clase, todo!!! Me gustaría mucho poder obtener otra clase tuya, gracias por esta oportunidad.

Terrie Miller said...

I would like a chance to win one of your free workshops. I've always loved dolls and drawing.

trojan said...

I love, love, love your work and have bought one of your workshops before. Your techniques are easy to follow and your teaching style is lovely and relaxed. Thank you for the opportunity.😘

Bonita Balster Hendriks said...

Thank you for organizing this, Ady! I absolutely love your work and would love to win a spot on one of your classes. You’re a great teacher and I would love to learn more from you! (I’m participating on Ever After 2018).

Lizzie dzadiek said...

i first discovered your creations through your posting of your artjournals in some groups and instantly fell in lone with their vibrancy & energy...which led me to searching your name in google where i then was blown away by these gorgeous females in your art. A chance to participate on your course would mean so much to me xx

Reketa Brown said...

I would like to take one of your workshops because your work captures the true spirit of these women you draw. I absolutely love your work.

Leigh said...

Hello Ady
I have just paid for the Abstract Dreams course. How do I get added to the FaceBook group and best receive the course? Via email / a link?

יסמין said...
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