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Thank you so much for sharing you Beautiful, Amazing, Dreamy, Inspiring work...I have been a "random" artist for a long time, not really being inspired or passionate . Your work has opened up a whole new world for me, a whole new way of using my imagination! I have only been an ink and pensil girl. Now I am so excited to develope other mediums and discover my own style.. I found you through the "sketchbook Project" ....Thank you again for sharing your hours of work, your talent and kindness! Thanks, Hannah

 Hi Ady, Just a quick note to let you know how very much I enjoy your classes. I am not too good at the moment and I realised I hadn't said how great your classes were when we finished them. I love being able to draw and paint - you keep me sane. So, just thank you, thank you so much. Hugs Alis

AMAZING! Ady takes you from start to end and encourages you to go even furthur! her lessons are VERY easy to follow, she explains why she does things a certain way, but lets you know you can do it different if you chose to. I am now drawing the most amazing adorable faces using her techniques! Thank-You so much Ady for helping us stretch our creativity, and being such an inspiration!!

I've only ever been interested in painting animals and wildlife but one day I came across Ady's beautiful dollies on Youtube and I was instantly hooked.  The bright colours and cute little faces just made me fall in love with her art.  Then I was happy to see that she had lessons where I could learn to paint her style of dollies.  The basic course was really good.  She breaks down how to draw the faces with techniques which are easy to follow.  I've also learnt about the wonderful world of Prismacolour pencils which I had never used before and to which I am now addicted.  Everyone on the ning site has been lovely and I've been making some wonderful online friends. Ady always replies to any questions you have and everyone is nice and positive.  Highly recommended ♥♥♥♥♥

I can't thank Ady enough for providing the Doll Dreams Basic class.  I had never taken a drawing class before this one, so anything I tried to draw was just by looking at a pic and trying to copy what I saw.  My skill grew by leaps and bounds after I took the class.  But, as Ady says in all of her videos, you must practice, practice, practice.  And she is so helpful when you have questions or are struggling. I recommend this class, most especially if you are a beginner but for everyone who loves this type of doll! 

This is the best money I've ever spent to advance my art and learn new techniques.  I had never had much joy working with acrylics before because I didn't understand how they worked, then Ady came along and changed all of that.  Ady your teaching style is friendly, warm and yet informative and to the point.  I've enjoyed learning from you so much which is why I keep coming back for more and more classes.  I draw more big eyed girls than any other form of art now, they're just so adaptable and to be honest once you know how to do them it becomes a habit.  I never thought that something that looked so beautiful could be so easy to create but once you know the formula anyone can do them.  Thanks Ady for all you've done to inspire me and to bring out the artist in me.  Much love to you xxx

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm where to start Ady! well I give your basic class an A++ with a 5*****certified you gotta do it!!!!!!!.I mean seriously...............I found this class so in formative,tutorials very clear & easy to follow...........with a wonderfully fun bubbly mentor who is always willing to help you along if you need some help or over all awesome class, mentor & the benefits i got out of this class was  creativity, inspiration,colour techniques,balance & thanks Ady............I learnt so much in this  class & has helped developed me into the artist I am today!

Thank God I found Ady. Before Ady, I never really knew what I wanted to draw and what I would be good at. I highly recommend the Basic class for absolute beginners!
I wasnt a beginner, but I found all the classes I have done to have great tips, which I never knew before.


BeFairyCreative said...

I purchased Ady's Fairytales Workshop. It was amazing. All the princess were in different body positions which helped you learn how to approach that skill. Using many different mediums was fun and but it was amazing that I could do it in any medium because Ady shows how to use them all!! Loved this Workshop!!

BeFairyCreative said...

The Basic Doll Dreams workshop is AMAZING!! It shows you everything you could think of! Ady breaks everything down for you and is very much helpful with tips and different techniques that open you up to a whole new world of creativeness!!!

BeFairyCreative said...

Siren Dreams was a course that I loved because I am a mermaid lover!! Ady gave very smart and fun ways to add details and beautiful touches to each mermaid tutorial given. I will always participate in Ady's workshop because what you can learn is endless!!

BeFairyCreative said...

Flower Fairy was a colorful and helpful experience for me. I am not on who completes backgrounds and Ady gave awesome ideas for making a backgrounds so creative and colorful! I <3 color! So this was educational for me to learn how easy it can be. The fairies you paint are simply beautiful as are all the different dollies you can learn to paint with ADY!! Thank You ADY!! Your the best!!

Alis Clair said...

I have taken nearly all Ady's classes.
Gothic Dreams, Siren Dreams and Flower Fairies are my personal favourites.
Ady always supplies wonderful PDF files with lots of colour step by step photo's. You almost don't need to see the videos. But please don't skip the videos! They are so well done it is like being in the room with Ady as you watch her creations come to life.
Ady has a relaxed, friendly style that draws you in and keeps you watching the magic.
She is wonderful, inspirational teacher, I have learnt so much from her. She has helped me find my own style too - a wonderful thing for a teacher to do.
So thank you from the bottom of my heart Ady, long may your classes continue xx

Belinda Watson said...

You were an awesome teacher! I have taken many online classes and I have a degree in Arts and I truly enjoyed your classes. You're a very thorough teacher and your .pdfs are great. The .pdf files were worth the price of the classes alone. The videos are also in-depth and cover all aspects of what you are teaching. I recommend your classes all the time and I've often spread the word on Facebook and my blog.

Petra said...
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Petra said...

I found Ady on Youtube, and I was immediately in love with her art. I especially loved her 'Dreamy Ladies'. But I started at the beginning with the 'basic Doll Dreams'workshop. After that I couldn't be stopped. I followed a few of her classes,'Flower Fairies','the cardboard project, 'Dreamy ladies', and i'm intend to follow 'dreamy faces'. Because her classes are digital,you can do them on your own time, and if you want you can do them over and over again. Ady takes you along on a journey, where you learn to use all sorts of mediums. I love it, I never could imagine learning to draw like I can do now. There is still lots to learn. I hope Ady will continue giving me the opportunity to evolve my inner-artist :)

Big Hugz Petra

scjanzen said...

I too found Ady on youtube, I was blown away on her beautiful style and love she had put into all of her dolls, I was hooked !! I had to find Mrs Ady and try a class. I did "Gothic dreams" I had the best time, I learned so much, and found my path as a Mixed media artist. With all the different classes, and different mediums to learn from, at your own pace !! Enjoy have fun and even hang out with all other students... this is an awesome place to hang out and have fun and find your inner "Dollie" Hugs

BeFairyCreative said...

If you are new to Ady's blog I wanted to mention that there are many open tutorials that you can learn from on YouTube as some ladies have mentioned. They are great!!! I am a mom of 4 and I have to budget like the next person but there are a variety of tutorials that are free. When you do purchase a theme class from Ady, she offers so much with her classes when you take them. You get so a range to work from and it keeps you busy!! It keep you happy and colorful.. :) Wanted to share that!!

Evethmoon Crafty Creations said...

I found Ady on youtube while searching for a draw a face tutorial. The first time I saw this beautiful Lady with her calm soft voice explaining how she draws her big eye dollies, I was hooked. Her dolls are unique and to me they are like fantasy, they speak to your inner child and you can't help but fall in love with those big eyes and colorful style. She also does dreamy ladies which are more realism and portrait like. I have taken the cardboard project, Basic doll, dreamy Ladies and Siren dreams classes. The unique thing about Adys classes is the variety of medium she uses and teaches you. Some other art classes I have taken teach you one medium and you don't get to download the videos. With Ady she allows you to download and keep the videos, therefor you can learn and purchase supplies at your own pace. She also does several mediums within one class like Acrylics, color pencil, copics, pens, pastels ect. ect. She is also always on facebook or the blog to answer your questions and help in any way she can. And her generosity is so great because for those that cannot pay for a class, She has a lot of free tutorials on youtube showcasing her work which is how I and many others have found her. If you are knew to drawing I personally recommend the basic doll class, She has put a tremendous amount of research and work into it, and by the end of this class you will have learned so many techniques and how to draw big eye dolls. Don't forget if you practice practice practice ( Adys Motto) you will have a collection of colorful beautiful journals with your own personal style of dollies at the conclusion of this class. Oh, before I end this I want to let you know that there are swaps and challenges and sometimes give-aways going on all the time by the face-book group. Please join and be part of Adys beautiful art community! Dollie hugs to everyone!

Robin Dikos said...

Hi Ady...this is a test

Robin Dikos said...

I found Ady while "Surfing the Net" so to speak. I was immediately drawn to her "Big Eyed Dolls" and wanted to take the DD Basic class.It was great and I learned the basics which was very helpful. I took a couple small workshops too. The Christmas Fairys and another Fairy class...I am probably forgetting something else. The best part is Ady herself!!! I can't say enough good things, she's so patient and very helpful...always kind and very nice! When I had computer issues...she stuck with me until we got it all straightened out! I would highly recommend Ady and her classes. The classes are very detailed and make things easy. Do the Basics class first, it will really help!

Sybil Tullos said...

I haven't taken any workshops, yet, I want to take the basic first, so I can see what I have to know. I'm not too good at the computer, is that going to be an problem for me? I've never taken classes on the cp. I love to watch Ady draw. I just love her.

Doll dreams by Ady Almanza said...

Thank you so much ladies for the great comments!!

Doll dreams by Ady Almanza said...

Sybil Tullos: Thank you for the nice comment! if you are able to post your comment then you should be able to take any online class too, the process is like this:
You make your payment for the cloass you want to take, then you will get an invite which you have to accept to be able to get into the private blog,there you will find all videos from your class and you can even download them! you will get from me all pdf´s in an email these PDF´s are documents you can download and print, with step by step instructions, a great help! and this all may sounds complicated for you but it is not ;) i am available to help you if you need any help ;)

Tanya S said...

Just found you on YouTube and now I signed up for your class! I just started art journaling and saw your beautiful big-eye doll drawings. Love your dolls. I don't know how to draw but your drawings have inspired me to try! I'm going to buy the colouring book too in case the drawing thing doesn't work out. LOVE YOUR WORK!!!

Jenni D. said...

Seriously thinking about taking the basic class.